Thursday, August 1, 2013

Noritake Hand Painted Nut Bowl

Nippon Candy Dish

Some time ago I listed this outstanding hand painted Nippon nut bowl in the on-line store Sirocco’s Curios. The makers mark on the bottom is a green “M” inside a wreath of leaves and the words “hand painted Nippon” encircling the wreath.

Prior to 1890 pieces from Japan were marked with Japanese characters or were not marked at all. After 1890 American imports were required to be marked with the country of origin in English characters. The word “Nippon” means “Japan” and pieces were so marked until 1922 when the requirement was changed. After 1921 the word “Japan” had to be used.

The “M” in the wreath stands for “Morimura” and is the earlier name of the Noritake Company. It was introduced in 1911 and continued until 1921. It is clear then; this particular nut bowl was produced in the time period 1911-1921.

The bowl is in excellent condition for something that is nearly 100 years old. Stop in and take a look. Just click on the picture.


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