Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hand Made Key Chain

Key Chain.jpg

Keys! We all carry numerous keys in our pockets. I seem to have accumulated an unusually large number of them I have multiple keys to the multiple vehicles in my driveway. There are the house keys and I have keys to my adult children’s homes. There are the boat keys and a variety of other keys. The list goes on and on. I might have more keys than I have passwords. Well, no, that’s not true. I have way more passwords. But I still have a lot of keys. It would not be so good to have all those keys just lying loose. I would loose track of what goes where.

All of the sets of keys are on various key rings or key chains as they are sometimes called. And, all of the sets of keys are kept in a nice little birch bark box on my desk that I cleverly call  the key box. Each key chain has its own special hand made design making it easy to grab on to the correct set of keys.

Tiger Creek Gifts has a wonderful set of hand made key chains in her store. One is pictured above. I am sure you will want to take a look at the others.



  1. Keys are everywhere in my home, all the normal ones like you mentioned plus toolboxes and even a freezer! Great post!

  2. Thanks for featuring my item. Key chains are a much needed accessory but, they can last for several years before you need to buy another one so, they don't get much attention unless a collector is looking for a certain type to collect.