Monday, June 18, 2012

Dakota Odowan Hymns in the Dakota Language


ESN has provided the word “Church” for this week’s blogging adventure. The idea is that I am to find a sale item in my shop that goes with that word. That’s easy! We sing hymns in church and I just happen to have such a book of hymns in my curios shop. But, there is something curios about the book that I have. It is written the Dakota American Indian language. This book was reprinted in 1964 from the original, copyrighted in 1879. Just click on the book’s title, Dakota Odowan to find the book. Check out Sirocco’s Curios for more curios items.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Tupperware Salad Set

If you are heading out to the beach for a swim you might want to take along a picnic basket and what better utensil is there for storing and transporting picnic food than Tupperware? One of my ESN Scavenger Hunter associates, Somethig4Myself, has just what you need. It is a Tupperware Salad Set. Take a look!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mallard Duck Figurine and Bottle Opener

The eCrater Stores Network has provided “swimming” for this week’s blogging theme. Duck2 And, what an appropriate theme it is. I went swimming for the first time this year yesterday. The lakes here in Northern Minnesota don’t warm up real fast so it was a bit chilly. But refreshing it was, considering that the temperature was in the 90s and the humidity was right up there too.

Ducks are, of course, good swimmers and I frequently see them swimming around in the shallows bays connected to the lake. I have a cute little duck figurine for sale in my curios shop. It is a high density resin molded around a metal plate. It is quite cute. But here is the curios part, if you turn it over you will find that it is actually a bottle opener. You gotta admit that’s cool. Bottle caps are usually twist off these days so you know this is probably a vintage item. Check out Sirocco's Curios.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage Handmade Doilies



This week’s blog theme from the Ecrater Stores Network (ESN) is “housecleaning.” Well, I didn’t find anything in my ecrater shop that I thought fit that theme very well but I did find some delightful vintage handmade doilies in Eccentric Thriftier’s shop. The idea here is that once you have the house clean and neat you will want to put out these vintage doilies. Check out these fine doilies. I know you will like them.

Kitchen Canisters White Ceramic



You just got to love this kitchen canister set. It is a three piece white ceramic set with air tight lids. The flip open covers have a silicone gasket and a latching mechanism to create a super air tight seal. You should be able to keep just about anything in these canisters. You can find these canisters for sale in Sirocco’s Curios shop. Stop in and take a look around.