Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mallard Duck Figurine and Bottle Opener

The eCrater Stores Network has provided “swimming” for this week’s blogging theme. Duck2 And, what an appropriate theme it is. I went swimming for the first time this year yesterday. The lakes here in Northern Minnesota don’t warm up real fast so it was a bit chilly. But refreshing it was, considering that the temperature was in the 90s and the humidity was right up there too.

Ducks are, of course, good swimmers and I frequently see them swimming around in the shallows bays connected to the lake. I have a cute little duck figurine for sale in my curios shop. It is a high density resin molded around a metal plate. It is quite cute. But here is the curios part, if you turn it over you will find that it is actually a bottle opener. You gotta admit that’s cool. Bottle caps are usually twist off these days so you know this is probably a vintage item. Check out Sirocco's Curios.


  1. I haven't been swimming in a long time and miss it a lot. A nice cool morning dip would surely get your eyes open quickly!

    Love the duck bottle opener. Would be a great Father's Day gift too!

  2. Great post and your duck opener is adorable! I haven't been swimming yet this year but I always turn the shower to very cold right at the end, talk about waking up!

  3. Ha, Love your comment Le Petit Marche!

  4. A fitting item for the swimming theme...we enjoy seeing the ducks swim at the small lake when we visit my oldest daughter near Fort Worth. We spent some time in east central Minnesota some 40 years ago...does it really ever get warm enough to swim up there?