Monday, June 18, 2012

Dakota Odowan Hymns in the Dakota Language


ESN has provided the word “Church” for this week’s blogging adventure. The idea is that I am to find a sale item in my shop that goes with that word. That’s easy! We sing hymns in church and I just happen to have such a book of hymns in my curios shop. But, there is something curios about the book that I have. It is written the Dakota American Indian language. This book was reprinted in 1964 from the original, copyrighted in 1879. Just click on the book’s title, Dakota Odowan to find the book. Check out Sirocco’s Curios for more curios items.



  1. Great post! Would love to hear a recording of you singing one of these hymns!

  2. Ha, good one Linda! First off, I am Chippewa not Dakota. I don't know a thing about that Dakota (Sioux)language save a word or two. I have a hard enough time pronouncing the Ojibwe words. I also have a prayer book in Ojibwe but that one is not for sale.

    FYI: If you put an "O" if front of the word "Chippewa" you get "O-Chippewa" which sounds much like Ojibwe. So, the two words are really just different pronunciations of the same word. I will do a blog post about this some time.

  3. Very interesting post! Some sound clips would be fun!

  4. Hey, sound clips sounds like a great idea. Thanks LPM. I will see what I can do.