Friday, July 27, 2012

Man’s Western Belt Buckle

I haven’t been blogging much during the past couple of weeks. I do from time to time have to get, at least, a little work done around the old homestead and so occasionally have to take a hiatus from the computer.

The ESN blog theme this week is “pants.” Searching around through the eCrater stores of my fellow scavenger hunters, I found lots of items that could be worked into that theme. But, this belt buckle from Bargain Express caught my eye. If you are going to wear pants you will want to have just the right belt and buckle. For me, this would be it. Need I say more?

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Perfect Fishing Cap

Northern Minnesota is certainly not known for its hot summers. It might be more known for its bitter cold winters. But this year the weather has been completely up-side-down. This past winter was extraordinarily warm and in addition there was little snow cover. I had thought it could turn out to be a very dry year. Spring came early but, with lots of rain and flooding. A dry year it is not. Now it is summer and the heat is almost unbearable. We are toying with 100 degree heat and that is quite unusual for this part of the country. And, all that rain just pumps up the humidity.
Sifting through the stores of some of my fellow scavenger hunters, I found some items that might make one think of cooler times. "Hot weather" is the ESN blog theme for this week.
One might want to serve up a nice dish of ice cream in this old time sherbet dish from Carolina Blue Lady’s store. Or, you could slip into one of these cool Hawaiian short sleeves from Eccentric Thrifter’s store. I like this silk AVANTI one. 
But my all time favorite is this really cool fishing cap from Embroidery Fashions Boutique. The elongated bill keeps the sun out of your eyes and the long flap in the back keeps the sun off your neck. Perfect for fishing!