Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s a Hairdryer


Do you remember these hairdryers from years go? Most of the home hairdryers I see today are of the hand held blow dryer type. What is convenient about the old bonnet style dryers is that once you put on the bonnet, hook up the hoses and turn it on, your hands are free to do whatever. And, when your hair is dry, the dryer folds away in a hatbox style portable case. This particular dryer is available in my curios store, Sirocco’s Curios. It is used but it works well. The brand name is Dominion. It was a popular brand in the 1970s.



  1. OMG, my mom made me use one of these! What a jolt down memory lane!

  2. I remember the hairdryer. Had one myself. Great choice.