Friday, September 7, 2012

Real Money


As you know, the social network, Ecrater Stores Network, picks a new topic each week for its members to blog about and this week the topic is “Labor Day.” Labor Day became a national holiday over 100 years ago in 1894 and it is a day to pay tribute to the labor movement which actually began some years earlier.

I got to thinking about what life might have been like in the 1890s. It must have been hard. Remember, travel was by horse. There wasn’t much in the way of electricity or telephone or even radio. Those were the days when one got up in the morning, went to work then came home and rested. Nowadays, one gets up, goes to work, comes home and then exercises.

I started sifting thorough our ESN member’s ecrater stores to see if I could find something to remind me of the 1890s. I came across this old Indian Head penny from 1895 in the Bargain Express store. The penny looks to be in excellent condition. Those were the years when we had real money. Copper coins were made of copper, silver coins were made of silver and gold coins were made of gold. Bargain Express has a number of real money coins for sale. Go ahead, take a look. Just click on the links.


  1. Paul, I loved your post. It was nice to travel back in time to a period that existed before I was born. Back in the day, the penny you featured probably purchased as much as a hundred dollars does today. My how the times have changed.

  2. This was a terrific post. Like NDC I love to think about those long-ago times and how life was like.